Current Job Openings

Senior Software Engineer

ParallelScore is a product development studio focused on data and customer-centric designs using emerging technologies. Joining Parallelscore will help you become part of a fast-paced and dedicated team that works together to provide our clients with the highest level of services and advice.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer that will develop information systems by studying operations; designing, developing, and installing software solutions; support and develop a software team. The Senior Software Engineer will lead a team of developers responsible for building new and supporting existing Software.


  1. Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code.
  2. Daily code checking and CICD automation
  3. Design and implement low-latency, high-availability, and performance applications
  4. Implementation of user-facing elements with server-side logic
  5. Implementation of security and data protection
  6. Identifying system performance risks and problems, developing and presenting solutions, and maintaining documentation to keep it current.
  7. Manages the client and is called upon to facilitate user requirements sessions, design technical specifications, and manage the development of documentation to meet client expectations.
  8. Manage all technical aspects of the project and also contribute directly by writing code, managing builds, and performing other hands-on tasks
  9. Manages team members to successfully deliver agreed-upon solutions of the highest quality, exceeding customer expectations.
  10. Expertly implement designs using modern programming practices, Participate in the architecture and design of systems.
  11. Perform code reviews and ensure exceptional code quality, code coverage and quality must be above 75%
  12. Fully and completely understand system interdependencies and limitations, Possess expert knowledge in performance, scalability, enterprise system architecture, and engineering best practices.
  13. Assist in the career development of others, actively mentoring individuals on advanced technical issues, and helping managers guide the career growth of their team members.
  14. Exert technical influence over multiple teams, increasing their productivity and effectiveness by sharing your deep knowledge and experience.

Required Qualifications/Experience

  1. Minimum of 5yrs software development experience and 3-5yrs real management of the engineering team.
  2. Expertise in architecting and designing software solutions for various problem types.
  3. Working Knowledge of Microservices Architecture
  4. Strong proficiency with With the following languages JavaScript (framework: Node Js, React, React Js Type Script), Dart(Flutter), Python (Flask, Django).
  5. Hands-on experience working with DevOps (Kubernetes, Dapr), CI/CD (Azure Active Directory, Github), Database (Redis, Postgres) other libs like Dicom viewer (OHIF Image viewer)
  6. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  7. Willing to learn and work on different mobile platforms/frameworks when needed.
  8. Networking and integrating third-party APIs. Working with a version control system (i.e., Git).
  9. Knowledge of unit and UI testing, as well as testing frameworks/libraries.

Salary range per month: ₦ 500,000 - ₦ 700,000

Sociall Media Strategist

We are seeking a Social Media Strategist to manage the development and execution of our social media and PR strategies by designing and delivering effective solutions consistent with our high standards in support of achieving excellent business results.   

Roles & Responsibilities   

  1. Researching, sourcing, and writing news and blog articles for our platforms   
  2. Create content marketing campaigns to drive leads and subscribers   
  3. Use SEO best practices to generate traffic   
  4. Actively manage and promote our blog and news platforms, and pitch articles to relevant third-party platforms   
  5. Develop, implement and manage our social media strategy using social media for brand awareness and impression   
  6. Define the most important social media KPIs   
  7. Manage and oversee social media content   
  8. Measure the success of every social media campaign   
  9. Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies   
  10. Use social media marketing tools 
  11. Analyze content marketing metrics and makes changes as needed   
  12. Works with Graphic designer for all social media flyers 

Qualifications & Requirements   

  1. 1-2 years experience in a similar role   
  2. Excellent writing skills, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in the English language (compulsory)   
  3. Have a basic knowledge of computing and the Internet (compulsory)  
  4. Must have a good eye for graphic designs  
  5. Ability to work well with a team in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.   
  6. Ability to break down and explain complex topics clearly and concisely for a general audience   
  7. Passionate about digital storytelling and creating the best user experience online, with proven experience in a creative environment  
  8. Curious about the world sees story ideas everywhere and is excited to share ideas with the team.  
  9. Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel) and Google Docs   
  10. Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and other social media best practices 

Frontend Developer

We are looking for a Frontend Developer (Mobile and Web) that will develop information systems by studying operations; designing, developing, and installing software solutions; support and developing software teams. 

Job Descriptions: 

  1. Work as part of a small team to build (Flutter) iOS / Android applications for FullStack’s clients. 
  2. Architect, build and maintain (Flutter) applications with clean code. 
  3. Implement pixel-perfect UIs that match designs. 
  4. Implement clean, modern, smooth animations and transitions that provide an excellent user experience. 
  5. Integrate third-party APIs. 
  6. Write unit and integration tests. 
  7. Release applications to IOS and Google Play stores. 
  8. Work with native modules when required. 
  9. Complete two-week sprints and participate in sprint retrospectives and daily standups. 
  10. Assist with building estimates. 
  11. Developing new features and user interfaces from wireframe models 
  12. Ensuring the best performance and user experience of the application 
  13. Fixing bugs and performance problems 
  14. Writing clean, readable, and testable code 
  15. Cooperating with back-end developers, designers, and the rest of the team to deliver well-architected and high-quality solutions. 
  16. Work with modern tools including Azure DevOps, Teams, GitHub, Google Docs, etc. 
  17. Be part of a community of (Flutter) developers who share knowledge and help each other as problems arise. 


  1. 4+ years of professional experience working with (Flutter). 
  2. 6+ years of professional software development experience. 
  3. Demonstrable portfolio of released applications on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store 
  4. Extensive knowledge of Dart(Flutter) web and mobile 
  5. Extensive knowledge of at least one of JavaScript/Java/Kotlin (is a plus) 
  6. Extensive knowledge of mobile app development. This includes the whole process, from the first line of code to publishing in the store(s) 
  7. Deep knowledge of iOS and Android platform environments. 
  8. Proficiency with writing automated tests in any of JUnit, Espresso, Mocha, Jest, Enzyme, etc. 
  9. Familiarity with RESTful APIs and mobile libraries for networking, specifically Retrofit and Axios. 
  10. Familiarity with the JSON format 
  11. Experience with profiling and debugging mobile applications with tools like Apache JMeter. 
  12. Working knowledge of architectural patterns—MVP, MVC, MVVM, Clean Architecture—and the ability to choose the best solution for the app 
  13. Familiarity with Git and push notifications 
  14. Understanding mobile app design guidelines on each platform and being aware of their differences. 
  15. Test-Driven Development is a plus but not required. 
  16. Meaningful experience working on large, complex systems. 
  17. Ability to take extreme ownership over your work. Every day is a challenge to ensure you are performing to the expectations you and your team have agreed upon, both in regard to estimates and the general process. 
  18. Ability to identify with the goals of FullStack clients, and dedicate yourself to delivering on the commitments you and your team make to them. 
  19. An understanding of (React Native or Flutter) best practices and a commitment to following them. 
  20. Ability to work through new and difficult (Flutter) issues and contribute to libraries as needed. 
  21. Ability to create and maintain continuous integration and delivery of (React Native or Flutter) applications. 
  22. A positive mindset and can-do attitude, Forensic attention to detail. 

Salary range per month: ₦ 350,000 - ₦ 500,000

ERPNext Engineer


  1. The candidate will be required to Design, Configure, Build, Test, Deploy and Maintain ERPNext and Frappe-based applications:  
  2. Gathering technical requirements for internal and external customers.  
  3. Creation of documentation for software development and testing.  
  4. Participation and use of Agile development methodologies  
  5. Drive continuous improvement in development and operations best practices  
  6. Ability to convey complex information in both written and oral form to technical and non-technical audiences  


  1. At least 2years+ of experience in developing ERPNext Application  
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills  
  3. Good interpersonal communication skills are needed in order to work successfully with prospects, customers, and cross-functional teams to meet development timelines  
  4. Able to understand the complex business process and manage the project.  
  5. Strong aptitude for learning new technologies and understanding how to utilize them in a customer-facing environment  
  6. Hands-on experience in developing ERP applications from the ground up.  
  7. Ability to follow standard engineering principles and practices  
  8. Creative approach to problem-solving  
  9. Working knowledge of object-oriented design and development skills.  
  10. Commercial eCommerce portal development and maintenance are preferred.  
  11. Experience in Frappe, ERPNext, JavaScript, MySQL, Python & Frappe-based web development.  
  12. Hands-on Product development over Frappe Framework, ERPNext  
  13. Experience with workflows, access controls, page layouts, custom objects, custom record types, reports, and dashboards design and development  
  14. Experience with Scrum/Agile development methodologies  
  15. OOP concepts and Backend Development Experience  
  16. Hands-on experience with hosting web applications on Apache  
  17. Experience with one or more ERPNext Modules like Human Resources, CRM, Buying, Selling, Asset Management, Stock, Buying, Accounting, and Project. 

Salary range per month: ₦ 150,000 - ₦ 250,000

DevOps Engineer

ParallelScore is a product development studio focused on data and customer-centric designs using emerging technologies. Joining ParallelScore will help you become part of a fast-paced and dedicated team that works together to provide our clients with the highest level of services and advice. 

We are looking to hire a DevOps Engineer is will to work with new technologies and have a very vast knowledge of cloud infrastructure, integration, testing, deployment work flows, automation, process development.


  1. 5+ years of software engineering and DevOps experience
  2. 5+ years of hands-on Azure experience in a production environment
  3. Utilize various open source technologies
  4. Use various cloud tools to orchestrate solutions
  5. Build independent web-based tools, microservices, and solutions
  6. Understand how various systems work
  7. Understand how IT operations are managed
  8. Manage source control including SVN and GIT
  9. Strong understanding of cloud infrastructure, integration, testing, deployment workflows, automation, process development, and process changes.


  1. Experience with Azure and or similar cloud platforms (e.g. Google Cloud, AWS, OpenStack, Digital Ocean)
  2. Strong hands-on experience with AKS, PowerShell, Jenkins Core, Git flow, and Artifactory
  3. Cloud Azure Kubernetes Services with container-based deployment skills
  4. Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code
  5. Strong hands-on experience with CI/CD tools
  6. Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on the company’s success
  7. Experience working in an Agile development environment.
  8. Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, continuous integration, continuous deployment
  9. Critical thinker and problem-solving skills, Good time-management skills, and Interpersonal and communication skills
  10. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  11. Ability to be able to work with new technologies.

Salary range per month: ₦ 500,000 - ₦ 700,000